• Circuitus Capital seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by investing across both Greenfield assets and Brownfield projects in Europe and Latin America via equity and equity-like securities
  • Leverage on the experience and leading market presence of its industrial partners to source investments
    — Private investments through the experienced team members and on-the-ground presence of our two industrial partners Sacyr SA and Fininc SpA
    — Public Tenders investments by virtue of eligibility of our two industrial partners Sacyr SA and Fininc SpA
  • Leverage on proven track record of the Investment Committee Members and highly experienced Investment and Operating Team Members
  • Provide a robust fund governance structure to align interests (independence from industrial partners) and focus efforts on maximising investor returns. Limited Partner Advisory Committee to actively opine on potential situations of conflict
  • Seek protection of shareholding through governance structure
  • Focus on controlling positions or significant stakes with influence over key
    strategic, commercial and financial decisions



  • Circuitus Capital has the ideal combination of leading industrial experience and sector-specific investment capabilities
  • Robust governance to ensure “arms-length” relationship with Industrial Partners
  • Large seed asset to demonstrate execution capabilities and operating knowhow
  • Proprietary deal sourcing capabilities leveraging on Industrial Partners’ global presence
  • Access to experienced and qualified talent (in-house resources from Industrial Partners)
  • Fundamentally oriented, research intensive investment process with medium to long term investment horizons
  • Value enhancement through active management and monitoring, accessing Circuitus’s ability to attract top talent